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Web Article 10-01-2010 - From The Mouth of a Voiceless Actor
By Riley Chambers

Web Article 04-17-2007 - Are acting classes helpful for voice-actors?
By Marc Cashman

Web Article 04-17-2007 - 'That announcer guy' finally gets his due
By Associated Press

Web Article 04-04-2007 - a short excerpt from the recently released book: Voiceovers: Techniques and Tactics for Success
by Janet Wilcox

Web Article 03-26-2007 - "Voice-Over Success Stories:
Don LaFontaine & Cedering Fox"

By student, Kyle Reitan.

Web Article 05-05-06 - "Marketing Your Voiceover Business On-Line"
By Peter Drew.

Web Article 12-16-04 - "Your Vehicles Identification Number or VIN"
We just thought you should know.

Issue #45 - "The Stigma is Gone!"
For the time being anyway.

Issue #43 - "'Radio :30' by Chris Earle"
A voice over session makes it almost to Broadway.

Issue #43 - "The Importance of Spelling"
New research from Cambridge University.

Issue #42 - "Audio Publishers Get Together"
A job market in Chicago.

Issue #42 - "How to Pick a Voice Acting Class "
Tips for picking the right voice acting class for you.

Issue #40 - "Cartoon Voice Trick #45: Nancy Cartwright's Man in a Can"
Pat Fraley shares again.

Issue #39 - "Cartoon Voice Trick #15: Russi Taylor's Insta-India Indian"
Pat Fraley shares.

Issue #39 - "Gary At The Mic"
Garish, G.O., Owens, Hall of Famer. Get to know Gary Owens.

Issue #38 - "You Mean, I Can Work in My Pajamas?"
Home Studio details from one of the first homey’s, Beau Weaver.

Issue #38 - "What a Director/Producer Looks For in an Voice-Over Actor"
Consistency, Readiness, Professionalism, Direction and Talent.

Issue #38 - "Manhattan Revisited"
Tips for The Audio Publishers' Association Fourth Annual Job Market

Issue #37 - "We Don't Live in Kansas Anymore"
Internet technology and voice casting merge.

Issue #35 - "The Beat Goes On"
Audio Publisher’s Job Market 2002.

Issue #34 - "Chicken One Day..."
Jeff Danis launches VOCAL LA, Voice Over Cares About Life.

Issue #34 - "Streaming Media - 'Watson Come Here!'"
What streaming media is and how it’s becoming a necessity

Issue #33 - "Part Two: The Eagle Has Landed"
Actors book jobs...the APA job market.

Issue #32 - "It's a Dangerous Job, But Somebody's Got to Do it!"
Audio Publisher's Job Market 2000

Issue #31 - "Step Two: Now What to do With My Demo"
Marketing Your Demo

Issue #31 - "Soundscaping & the Director"
What actor characteristics directors look for when casting radio spots.

Issue #31 - "Viola Spolin, Improv, & VO Creativity"
Improve your creative expression... from the mother of improv.

Issue #30 - "Changes? Who Me?"
Preparing your voice for the ever-changing world of advertising.

Issue #30 - "The First Step: The Voice Over Demo"
Your guide to finding a good demo producer.

Issue #30 - "Producing? Creating VO Casting?"
Tips on how to make a spot sound unique

Issue #30 - "Editor-in-Chief Elucidates"
How the Voice Over Resource Guide came to be.