VORG #32 jan-feb-march 2001

It’s A Dangerous Job,
But Somebody’s Got To Do It!

There is a curiosity - if not interest - among voice actors these days in the venue of audiobooks. Given the burgeoning audiobook market, this comes as no big surprise. But Be Warned; this is not a job for the faint of heart. Far from being a thirty second commercial “hit / skip” or promo “sprint”, an audiobook session is probably best defined as the marathon of the voiceover industry. Stamina is the key. If, however, you do fall into that collection of voice actors who relish the opportunity of being locked up in the booth for 4 - 9 hours at a stretch, the Audio Publishers Association (APA) has events that may interest you. If you have never recorded an audiobook nor trained for the discipline, but would simply like to explore the possibility, you might want to consider attending an APA seminar in LA Dec. 8th 2000. For additional seminar information, you may contact Carol Stewart of American Printing House (502) 899-2234 or e-mail cstewart@aph.org. You may also contact Rick Stoff at the Publisher’s Marketing Association, (310) 372-0546, or e-mail apaonline@aol.com.

For those who are veterans of audio publishing or who have trained specifically for the medium, have an audiobook CD at the ready and are simply looking to book the jobs, the APA is sponsoring it’s 2nd Audiobook Job Market February 8, 2001 in New York City. This is a job market in the literal sense, i.e., audio publishers will be in attendance seeking talent to read titles for their 2001 Spring and Fall Catalogues. You, the Voice Actor, will have the opportunity to perform in front of ALL the publishers, followed by brief, face to face interviews. This is an event to truly connect with the right person within the audio companies . . . the person who actually makes hiring decisions. There is an application process for this Job Market event with a non-refundable fee to the APA of $75.00. If accepted, (pay attention here, folks) there’s an additional gate fee of $600., plus of course air fare to NYC and accommodations. [ Editor’s Note: The previous APA Job Market was attended by only 32 voice talent, over a third booked jobs. ] For additional Seminar or Job Market information, go to the Website, www.audiopub.org

Oh!, Remember, it’s . . .“ audiobook ”, NOT audio book,
Audio Book, books on tape or Books-On-Tape . . . Etc.

- Laurel van der Linde, UNDERGROUND AUDIO