VORG #35 jan-feb-mar-apr 2002

The Beat Goes On

2002. Here we stand not only at the beginning of a New Year, but with one toe resting on the transom of the 21st century. Given the tragic events of September 11, 2001, it’s easy to succumb to the fear that that toehold has a very tenuous grasp. But life goes on. In light of these circumstances, it is impossible not to reflect upon some of the written works of the 20th century and consider that we have either surpassed or come dangerously close to George Orwell’s predictions of 1984. (Though one could argue that, in September, “Big Brother” was not watching enough.) The fantastic technological world of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 has very nearly been achieved. Whatever prophesies the pundits have up their literary sleeves for this century remains to be seen, but there is one prediction on which you can rest assured: if it’s printed between two hard covers, the chances are, in the 21st century, there will be an audiobook.

For the voice actor, this is excellent news as audiopublishing continues to be the fastest growing area of the publishing industry generating $2.5 billion in gross annual revenue. By default, this means that the need for actors who can handle the specific demands of this discipline (stamina being key) continues to increase.

For those of you interested in pursuing this work, rest assured, the Audio Publisher’s Association will hold its annual job market in New York on February 6 and 7, 2002. We must move forward.

This is an ideal opportunity for you, the voice actor, to work in front of representatives from such audiopublishing houses as Random House, Simon and Schuster, Time Warner and Penguin/Putnam. Also in attendance, is a nice collection of independent audiopublishers from around the country who churn out a significant number of titles each year. The 35 actors selected for the job market will receive the undivided attention of the audiopublishers at this time, for they are there to find talent. In fact, the audiopublishers have been so delighted with the talent they have discovered at past job markets, they have insisted that the 2002 event take place. February being right around the corner, if you want to attend and have not applied, you will want to move quickly. You can download the application directly from the AP website (www.audiopub.org.) The website will also give you additional information about the job market, audiopublishers attending, fees involved, etc.

So take a step forward, literally and figuratively and join us in New York where you just might expand your future in voiceover.

- Laurel van der Linde, Underground Audio