VORG #42 May-June-july-aug 2004

Audio Publishers Get Together

Now that we have labored for four years to clarify that the Audio Publishers Job Market (JAM) is not a part of the Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC), guess what? JAM and APAC are now combined. According to current APA president, Mary Beth Roche, the Audio Publishers Association will offer “a different kind of Job Market” as part of APA which runs concurrently with BEA (Book Expo America and I promise I will not use another anagram).

APAC (I lied) will be held on June 3rd of this year in Chicago. While Roche describes the structure of the revised Job Market to be “fluid at this point,” the underlying thrust is to offer a kind of seminar, in conjunction with other related APA (Ok, I lied twice) seminars for actors interested in becoming audio book readers but don’t know how to get into the market. There will be no auditions in front of audio book publishers and producers though these folks will be interested to be receptive to audio book demos if approached by an actor on the floor. So, if you happen to be in the middle of the country or have friends / relatives you want to visit in “the White City,” stop by. Additional info can be obtained on the APA (I know, that’s three) website: