VORG #39 may-june-july-aug 2003

Cartoon Voice Trick #15:
Russi Taylor's Insta-India Indian

I didn’t steal this trick. I was actually given this by the generous and very talented, Russi Taylor. Russi does Minnie Mouse, which is pretty impressive. Even more interesting is that her husband, Wayne, supplies the voice for Mickey Mouse. It’s a small, small world. Go figure.

Russi and I were auditioning for a commercial and we were to be India Indians. I couldn’t do it. It was the “black hole” of my accent universe. She pointed to a place in her open mouth and said, “Just put the tongue there and do British” and boom! – Insta-India Indian.

Put the tip of your tongue up and about a half inch behind your central teeth. This is where your hard palate begins deepening. Articulate as much as you can from this position and use an English accent.
This, of course, is an entry-level accent. It can get you through a one-liner though. It’s just amazing to me how one little adjustment can affect all sorts of changes.

- Pat Fraley
Voice Actor