VORG #40 sept-oct-nov-dec 2003

Cartoon Voice Trick #45:
Nancy Cartwright's Man in a Can

Nancy Cartwright is historic for her Bart Simpson voice. We were doing a cartoon show a few years ago, and during some downtime, I heard some commotion and it was Nancy with a little man in her mouth screaming to get out. Here’s how it’s done. Puff your cheeks out and talk, leave your lips loose, and closed, so that a very little air may escape out of your mouth. You won’t be able to pronounce ‘m’ or ‘b,’ but who needs them anyway? Say something like, “let me out of here!” You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to speak and how great and weird it sounds.

The real trick is to act like you’re surprised or a bit embarrassed that it’s happening. This is a great trick for sounding like you’ve been gagged, or stuffed in a wise guy’s trunk.

-Pat Fraley
Voice Actor